Moving Pictures Storyboard “Montana’s Premier Production House”

FADE UP:  Blatant cliché masquerading as a good idea
If you think a light bulb is a great symbol for your bright idea, we beg to differ.  We think it’s a cliché. We hate clichés.  Clichés don’t get noticed, they get ignored. So we don’t do them.  That’s our promise to you.

DISSOLVE TO: How many creatives does it take to screw in a light bulb? 
Usually just three, although we’ve assembled crews of dozens when the project warrants. But with nearly 75 years of experience between us, in all areas of concept development and production, along with a knack for stretching your marketing dollars to the max, three is usually plenty.

So we talk a good game, Where’s the proof? Right here.  Check out this tasty assortment of TV spots, PSAs, documentaries, industrial films, educational shorts, and promotional videos. And note: No clichés. (Unless, of course, they’ve been twisted into an entirely new shape.)

CUT TO: The largest production facility in Montana
That’s right. No one in the state offers a larger, more complete production facility than Moving Pictures Productions. We should know. We built it with more than 3,000sq. ft. of pure studio, along with three edit suites with all amenities. It’s located just south of Helena in Montana City. Stop by and we’ll show you around.

CUT TO: Get your project started.
The journey of a thousand miles starts with a single e-mail. (Thought we were about to cliché ourselves, didn’t you?) Send us a note today and we’ll happily answer your questions, or set up a meeting. Or, if you’re old fashioned, give us a call at 406/495-9074.